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Such A Blessing

Tia's Tips: Looking for color palette ideas? It's Fall-literally there's inspiration all around you! Go grab your camera and get outdoors! Bring home leaves, take tons of pictures and get all the inspiration you can from Mother Nature herself.

"I'm so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers."

-Anne of Green Gables (By: L.H. Montgomery)

Image: New Fall Release from Joy Clair Designs - Such A Blessing and Slim-line Die

The Project:

One of my favorite memories of childhood was going for Fall picnics! Walking through the park we would search for the best shaped leaves to make leaf rubbings of. If you've never made a leaf rubbing-run outside for a leaf now! Then you place a clean sheet of paper (thin like copy-paper) over the leaf. Next, rub a crayon across the paper and watch the lines and shape of the leaf appear before your eyes. Cut out the leaf and create a garland to decorate your space. So many great memories! (Yes, my mom is creative too!)

Inspired by the beauty of Fall, my childhood memories and the new release "Gather Together" from Joy Clair Designs , I re-created a childhood scene for my design team project and made it interesting by using the no line coloring technique.

To create an image for no-line coloring, I changed the contrast of my image until the lines were faint and barely visible, in other words, creating no-lines. This was easy to do as the image already features thin, light lines.

I focused on creating a card using the hands & leaf image. I wanted a pair of hands to represent my mom and another set to represent me as a child.

With my digital software I created mirror images and minimized one set of the hands. If you wanted a 5x5 or 6x6 size card, you could easily enlarge the image. I opted on making a slim line card since I picked up several of the slim line dies on sale and have been excited to use them!

The sentiment "You Are Such A Blessing" is from the set and fits with the images beautifully. After printing out my design I die-cut it with the Pleated Lace Slimline Die from Gina Marie Designs.

I then chose a design paper with large, bright leaves I colored my leaves to match. Therefore, I chose bright, light saturated colors that also blended easily into one another. Next, wanting to keep the focus on the leaves, I colored the sweater sleeves in neutrals. The background was filled with beautiful, bright blue to enhance the colors of the leaves.


Leaves:Y02; Y06; YG01; YG03; Y17; R02; R14

Sweaters: E43; E44; E31; E30; YR000

Hands: E00; E11; E21; E31; E35

Sky: BG000; BG01

I popped the panel up on foam tape and adhered it to the design paper. I finished the card with a dark brown slimline card base.

Thanks for following along. No line coloring can really brings focus to your images-pick up this new release and give it a try! Let me know if you do and make sure to sign up to get early alerts on all my new posts so you don't miss a card.

Until next time-get crafty!


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