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Family Heroes

Tia's Tips: Creating a scene around your focal image doesn't have to be overwhelming! Start small and slowly build your skill. I'm fairly new to creating backgrounds and scenes around my images and found that focusing first on things like the ground, sky (with and without clouds) & trees, has been encouraging! Using a reference image or photo is definitely helpful! Give it a try and enjoy the journey it take you and your images on!

Sponsor: Polka Dot Orchard -

I've have loved the versatility of these chickens! So many fun and silly card creations!


Sky: B00; B000; BV000; B60; RV00; R000; 0

Rooster: R22; R14; R46; E39; E17; B04; B23; B97; B37; R14; R39; Y18; Y35; YR14; Y38; YR16; YR18; YR68; T3; T5; T7

Chick: YR24; YR21; Y11; Y35

Grass: E33; YG03; YG17; YG23

The Projects:

I enjoyed my Mother's Day this year a little early and didn't get the opportunity to show the card I made for my own mother, and now we are on the heels of Father's day! So I decided to step back and showcase the cards I've made for the Heroes in my life!

Sponsor: Polka Dot Orchard Stamps -

This is a gorgeous set with the to-go-cup seen here. There is also a coffee cup with a single daffodil bud. There are several beautiful phrases in the set as well. I used a die for the yellow banner, twisted some gold twine, 1/2 of a cupcake doily and newsprint design paper from Stamp'in Up.


Cup: W0; W3; W5; G07; YG09

Flowers: Y06; Y08; Y18; Y17; Y19

Sponsor: Polka Dot Orchard Stamps -

I LOVE this set and the endless options of creating different benches. There are so many great accessories-lots of fun! Several beautiful sentiments, and easy way to create a multitude of beautiful scenes & cards.


Sky: YG17; YG03; YG67; YG63; YG61; YG00; Y00; YR000; R000; R00; B60; B41

Bench: E42; E43; E44 Book: E23 Throw: W4

Cushions: B04; B06; BG45

Sponsor: Polka Dot Orchard Stamps -

Image: And inside sentiment pictured below:

This is another set with a lot of attachments and sentiments. Perfect for any angler's in your life: Friends, Dads, Moms, Grandparents, Sons and Daughters.


Fish:YG21; G43; G24; YG93; YG95; G94; R43

Pole: E43; E44; Y15

I hope this gave you some new ideas on how to celebrate all the heroes in your life.


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Becca Morris Sadler
Becca Morris Sadler
May 23, 2022

Your cards shown for the heroes are fantastic! I definitely need to work on my stamping and coloring skills. Creating scenes with them would be really great but not much confidence at this point! :) I'm happy to admire your work! :)

Jul 31, 2022
Replying to

Thanks Becca! All I can say is "just do it!". There are a lot of great background scene stamps out there to guide you.💕

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