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Catch Some Rest

Tia's Tips: We are deep into the holiday season-take some 'Gnome-Advice', and make sure to take a moment for yourself to "Kick back and Relax, pause and Reset".

Image & Sentiment: Snoozing Gnome by KLM Designs

Give a big welcome and thank you to KLM Designs for being our sponsor.

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The Project:

No one ever said that Gnomes had to have gray beards! We just got our first snow of the season-what a great time to dream about Summer! I envisioned my gnome resting against that mushroom stalk on a warm sunny day, and colored in big, fluffy clouds. His little bare feet screamed to be dipped into cool, blue water.

Enough Summer-got to get back to inking more Christmas cards! Thanks for the break KLM!


Mushroom: Y11;Y15;YR23;YR24; E44; E25; W5

Clothes:E84; W5; W2; R22; R08; Y11;Y15;YR23;YR24

Skin/Beard:E11; E33; E35; E37; E29

Grass:YG67; YG63; G05; G43; YG03

Pond: B00; B32; B14; B23

Sky/Clouds: B000; BV20; Colorless blender

Thanks for following along and happy coloring!


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