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Tia's Tips: Shhhh, don't let the money-making corporations hear this tip. Creating, doesn't have to be expensive. One of my happiest mom moments was creating wrapping paper with household objects (cut potato, spool of thread, hot wheel) dipped into homemade fingerpaint! I love design paper as much as the next hording crafter, but I also have used dictionary pages, sheet music, maps and images from children's books. So before you put all those interesting books into the donation pile, or stop and take a closer look at the offerings at the next yard sale you pass by. Push your creative juices by using some common household items and save your money...for postage.

Design Team: Polka Dot Orchard Stamps -


If you haven't heard, the 1920's version of Winnie The Pooh is now public domain! Meaning that copyright laws on his image have expired and a whole new creative world is opening up! I am VERY excited that owner Jessica Pickeral, of Polka Dot Orchard has been creatively busy! She has created several new digital stamp sets featuring our favorite stuffed honey-bear! So hang on to your laptops-this is just the beginning of some sweet creations.

We are at the start of summer, I have new high school and college graduates in my life. I know of several co-workers and friends, getting married and having first babies. Naturally my mind is filled with all the new beginnings happening around me and well- Art imitates Life! So I pictured our Mary Poppins like floating bear-popping out of the pages of his beloved book and heading into the real world.

I used 2 pages from an ancient dictionary I use for creating. I selected adventure & beginning, trimmed and glued the pages together to fit my card base. I die cut the page with a die from Whimsey Stamps, added a little distress ink to the page and then attached it to a piece of cloudy-sky design paper.

I popped Pooh up with foam squares in the center opening. I wanted to die cut my card front sentiment, but didn't have letters small enough-so used stickers from my stash!

The digi-set comes with two sentiments and I used one for the inside my card. I used the same die & design paper for continuity.

I'm looking forward to a great summer, the beginning of lots of fun adventures! Get out there and do the same!


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