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Ode to When Harry Met Sally

Tia's Tips: PIXLR is my jam! If you are into or thinking about digital stamping you will need some type of photo/graphic/design editing program. Many folks use photoshop-but children's book author/illustrator/digital stamp designer Maurie Manning ( or better known in on-line formats (Instagram and Facebook) as Mo Manning ( is who introduced me to Pixlr. Pixlr is a free on-line program that I've had great success with and is how many of my digital stamp creations come to life!

Super exciting news this week! I am a new design team member for Polka Dot Orchard!!! I hadn't even finished going through their catalog of digi-stamps and stencils when my eyes fell upon stamp set:

There was just something about that girl that reminded me of the movie-"When Harry Met Sally" and I could instantly picture her walking through Central Park, lost in her thoughts and admiring all the fall leaves. Oh wait, Fall leaves! I need those! Thank goodness stamp set was there to provide 3 gorgeous types of leaves for my creation.

the project:

After downloading my sets, I selected my "Sally" image, sentiment and each of the 3 leaf offerings (variety is the spice of life).

The leaves are very large-perfect for cutting out and using on a myriad of projects! For this card, I minimized each one and then duplicated them. I love how in Pixlr, I can flip and turn each leaf and was able to quickly create her leafy trail. I felt the sentiment shouldn't be above her head, rather along side her-with additional leaves falling.

Hope you like it as much as I do! I'm excited to see what else ignites my creativity over at the Polka Dot Orchard's site.



Hat/Shoes: E21; E55

Hair: E44; E29

Sweater: R56; R59

Skirt: B45;B37

Suitcase: E13l E08; E29

Leaves: Y15; YG21; YG05; YR14;YR21; YR23; YR04; R22; R14; R29;

Shadow:W2; W1

Ground: T5;T3;T1

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Nov 05, 2021

CONGRATULATIONS Tia!! That is awesome news! I know you will create wonderful things for them! I mean, this card already! It's gorgeous! It's been a long time since I've watched When Harry Met Sally but now I feel likewatching it soon! Wonderful coloring and I love how you scatter the leaves!

Nov 05, 2021
Replying to

Thank you!! I couldn't have created that path without the ease of Pixlr! Seriously considering watching When Harry met Sally this weekend too!😂

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