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A True Classic

Tia's Tips: If you are anything like me-I don't know cars! And when trying to make a masculine 'car' card-I want it to look like the real thing! So, just like fine art artists-use real life images as your point of reference! Go to Google, type in what you are coloring and instead of on images.

Design Team: Polka Dot Orchard-

The Project:

My Father-In-Law's birthday is coming up and my Mother-In-Law asked me if I had any 'Truck' images to make him a card. I was thrilled to find this gorgeous "classic" truck in the shop at Polka Dot Orchard! Knowing that I am not a car person and wanted to make it look authentic, I turned to Google Images to help me out!

I typed in 'classic pickup trucks' into my search bar and then instead of searching-I selected images! and had a slew of classic truck images to help me in my coloring.

I selected this beauty to give me some perspective on light and shadow, what should be metallic and what should be the color of my truck! I really liked the red and decided to copy that too.

I recently purchased a set of Prismacolor colored pencils and they helped me to add additional lines of depth and light to my image.


Sky:B000; B00

Truck: R14; R08; R05; E17; C1; C3; G17; T3; T5; T7; T9

Dirt Road: E41; E42; E43; YG03; YG17; YG63


Crimson red; Raspberry; Dark Umber; Light Umber, Silver, White, Black

Happy Creating!


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2 תגובות

23 במאי 2022

Another great country rural living card that is fantastic! Terrific coloring! I'm sure it was a hit with your father-in-law.

31 ביולי 2022
בתשובה לפוסט של

He loved it and so did his brother! They are "car guys!" 😂

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