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Fall-Tastic fun

Tia's Tip: Create dimension and layers by punching smaller accents and attaching them with 'pop-up' dots or foam tape.


I couldn't wait to get to this image Lois in the leaves from #mosdigitalpencil1. The sentiment from Anne of Green Gables comes with it also. I am definitely a fall weather person! Coloring each leaf gave me a great opportunity to explore color and contrast.

I created the background with gentle sweeping motions of B000 and then use my colorless blender to shape and lengthen the patches of white left behind-thus creating some fun puffy cloud shapes.

I got really excited pulling out my leaf punches to add a 3-D layer of leaves. Be on the lookout at thrift stores and garage sales for craft items. Several years ago I picked up a file box full of cardstock, punches and decorative scissors. Everyday new products seem to be released, and I get eager to see them like everyone else, but its good to challenge ourselves to use some of those perhaps forgotten products that maybe haven't used in awhile! And while you're digging around, if you discover stuff you really aren't using or no longer interested in-pass them on! Give them to your kids school, a nursing home or the library. There are SO many great deserving programs out there that appreciate our donated craft castaways.

I went on to create additional interest to the leaves by matching my COPIC colors to the solid cardstock and then free-hand drawing in the leaf veins.


Skin: E35; E23; E31; R21

Hair: E44; E49; C9

Jacket: B01; B02; B16; B18

Leaves: Y 00; Y04; Y21; Y38; YR16; YR18; YR23; YR65; R02; R05; R14; R21; R39; YG00; YG05; YG17; G07; E31 (Ok-maybe I got a little carried away! LOL)

Ground: W2; W4; W6 Sky: B000 & Colorless Blender

It's a beautiful day-I'd like to go play in some leaves, but think I'll go walk the dogs instead.


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Oct 07, 2021

So beautiful Tia! I love the idea of adding dimension with the leaf punches! I also love the dots added under and around the leaves to depict more dimension. Something I definitely would not have thought of!

Oct 07, 2021
Replying to

It felt good bringing out some old favorites to come out & play! Maybe that can be the theme of our craft throwdown!

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