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Thanksgiving Place cards

Tia's Tips: This Thanksgiving (or any Holiday), decorate your table with homemade papercrafts sure to impress everyone.

The Project:

I selected the A-maize-ing Fall Wishes set from Polka Dot Orchard for my project. It's the perfect set as it comes with the Maize bunches and a set of beautifully worded sentiments.

Initially I created the single-stalk place card, when I returned to create another, is when I realized that 2-stalks could be cut together to make either a card or a larger place card.

Depending on your table-if you've got plenty of room use the 2-stalk place cards. If your table space is limited the single stock place cards are still a gorgeous way to decorate and invite guests to their seats.

I don't have an electronic cutter, so using my craft knife on my glass craft mat I trimmed out the husks on each image.

Tia's Tip: When using a craft knife keep the line of the image on the outside of your blade (or closest to you). Keep rotating the image to keep the line visible-and you will create a clean, crisp cut.

With a score board select a line that crosses at the base of the husks and score across the card.

From the back side of the card, use your craft knife or piercing tool to push the cut stalks forward while bending the card backwards. When the husks are completely free, run your bone folder and complete the crease.

I cut an extra piece of cardstock to cover the backside that was cutout. As this is the view other guests at the table will see, you could also cover it with design paper.

Tia's Tip: Our family takes a few minutes after our meal is done (and we're trying to make space for dessert!) to write down what it is that we are most thankful for that year. And then we take turns reading what was written. Having them written on place cards is a more attractive piece of memorabilia than just a slip of paper.

This is one of the sentiments from the digi-set! I printed it in 2-sizes, one for each of the place card sets. You could select one saying for each place card, but I liked using each one-creating a mix at the table.

I finished each sentiment with some design paper and edged with strips of black cardstock. You can decide if you like the edge rounded or not. I played with both ways.

Tia's Tip: If you're not already doing this for your coloring-START! Using a photograph for reference of light placement, shadow and colors makes a large difference in your coloring. Go to google-look up what you are coloring and select "Images"- you will have a large reference selection to choose from!

The maize is a lot like coloring leaves. There is so much natural variety-have fun picking your colors! But for those who are curious-here's what I used.



Corn: Y06; Y17; Y21;26; YR04; YR18; YR30; BV02; V09;R05; R29; R39

Digital Stamp Set:

Happy Creating and Coloring!


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