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Tia's Tips: Have you found yourself in a creative slump? Not sure where to start your next project? Start by creating a card based on other activities you enjoy.

Sponsor: Your Next Stamp -

Image: Magical and Magnificent

Your Next Stamp is sponsoring us at Passionate Paper Creations and Friends-FB community. Their selection of stamps and dies is amazing! Of course there are perks to being a member of the Passionate Paper Creations and Friends-FB community, like awesome discounts and offers from our truly outstanding sponsors!

The Project:

I am a fan of Disney's 1964-Mary Poppins! I grew up singing the songs and longed for a day of racing carousel horses! So imagine my joy when looking through the store at 'Your Next Stamp' and seeing the Magical Magnificent set! I immediately knew there was a slim-line card in my future. I also knew that I would have to have the matching die set-there was no way I was fussy cutting those ponies! And no-I don't have a scan-n-cut. I want one, but also know that I don't currently have space for one. I saw a really great YouTube presentation where the vlogger said, "if you don't have immediate space for it, you won't use it." and I believe that! So-I'm fussy cutting or splurging on matching die-sets when they are available.

Now, amazingly in my stash I did have this great paper pad from Echo Park that featured some great Mary Poppins themed papers. It is only a 6x6, so I didn't use it for the background of my card, but the newsprint is from the pack! I cut the article into 3 blocks, so there would be one for each horse! In time, I will use this paper pad, stamp & dies for other cards featuring a single horse, but for my first time out-I knew I wanted to show them running just like in the movie.



Horse : Y08; Y35; YG11; YG05; YG09; G19; (Harness)-Silver Gel Pen

Unicorn: V12; V15; V17; V09; Y06; RV13; RV14 (Horn)-Wink of Stella

Zebra: FBG2; FB2; B18; R24; R17;

Poles & Harnesses: Y11; Y15; YR23; White Gelly Roll

Sentiment: Stamped with Versa Mark and embossed with WOW-primary ebony.

Thanks for following! Go Fly a Kite and have a Su·per·ca·li·fra·gil·is·tic·ex·pi·a·li·do·cious day!


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2 commentaires

Becca Morris Sadler
Becca Morris Sadler
29 mai 2022

cute and whimsical! You designed it well for a slimline format! Very clever!

31 juil. 2022
En réponse à

I love slim line! It's my go to when I want to add more than a regular card size can hold!😂

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