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Snowy Day

Tia's tips: One of my favorite aspects of the crafting community is it's ability to share. I don't mean share just an image of what you are working on, but share ideas, inspirations, methods and failures.

Design team: Polka Dot Orchard

I love this cardinal image and the sentiments within the set! So many beautiful options other than a Christmas card.

My color palette was inspired by fellow card crafter @Jackie Cornfield. Follow her at:

I have of course used primary red and blue together for a youthful/school themed card, but had never thought of a bright red with light blue for a winter scene. The effect is bold, energetic and exciting!

I love the boldness of the frame and Cardinal, yet the coolness of the snowy sky background is not lost, it adds to the depth of red.


Cardinal:R00; R12; R21; R02; R14; R08; T3; T4

Evergreen: YG63; G46; G28, E55

Shadow: C2; C0

I encourage you, that when you are on social media looking at other card maker's work, take note of any color palettes you've not tried and challenge yourself to use them today!

Good Luck!


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Jackie Cornfield
Jackie Cornfield

I am so flattered. The card you made is fabulous. So vibrant


Thanks Jackie! And thanks again for the color inspiration!

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