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Rocky Mountain Santa

I am really excited to have Joy Clair as our sponsor through Sunday! Thank you Martha Lucia Gomez Hernandez! Please show her your thanks by going shopping!

Christmas has come early for this crafty girl! I'm so very excited to share that I am a new design team member with Passionate Paper Creations & Friends! What perfect timing to share my debut with sponsor Joy Clair.

You can join the Joy Clair FB group for more gorgeous inspiration at: and join Passionate Paper Creations & Friends FB to see not only the team's designs but also other passionate paper crafters like yourself at:

Okay, onto my creation!

Being a mountain girl I wanted to show off this lovely image of Santa kicking up his heels in the Colorado snow! In my opinion, all good workshops are contained in a log cabin and have a natural stone footpath. So that's what I decided to create!

The trees themselves are rather easy to create. The key is to utilize a lighter marker color in the background to give the impression of trees in the distance. Then it's all in the wrist!

The Project:

Start by drawing a faint reference line and then begining at the bottom of the line and make big swishy lines back and forth getting thinner as you get to the top. Repeat a 2nd time, even think about sideway figure 8's.

I love how as you layer color the trees become more and more full! And then select lighter shades to fill in-between the trees and for the background.

For the falling snow, I decided I was NOT going to had draw in each falling flake, so I water-downed some white acrylic paint and flicked it over the entire image. *Remember, snow also has to fall ON your primary image so don't cover it up or be afraid to get snow on it.

Here are the Copics that I used:

Skin: E35; E13

Hair/Beard: C1;C2

Clothes: R02; R14; R24; R46; W2

Gloves/Cane: Y11; Y15; YR23

Rocks: W5; T3; T0

Mud: E77

Trees:YG63; G94; G46; BG93; E74;

Cabin: E43; E44; 57

Snow: Distress oxide-Broken China & Iced Spruce; White acrylic paint

Thanks for following!


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Nov 19, 2021

Wait?! What?! You drew the trees!! Fabulous! I have to give that a try! Love the card, Tia!

Nov 24, 2021
Replying to

Yes, give those trees a whirl. They are as easy to do as they are addictive!😂 Thanks for your support!💖

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