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Tia's Tips: Reserving a notebook or journal for just your personal favorite quotes/meme's/poetry is another wonderful way to get inspired when creating. I keep a 5x7 inch spiral journal for only "Quotespiration"! I don't want to have to thumb through journal entries or other personal notes, I know this journal keeps only those sayings that are inspiring to me! Then when I've created a card or want to create for a certain occasion, I can go right to my notebook. I have in the past, purchased sentiment inspiration books, but it is filled with work selected by someone else. It's still a great tool, but my Quotespiration book has work selected by me and is mine-all mine!

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KLM Digital Designs is sponsoring us at Passionate Paper Creations and Friends FB community. Their selection of stamps and dies is amazing! If you're thinking about doing a little crafty-shopping, you'll want to join Passionate Paper Creations and Friends (if you're not already a member) so you can grab the group's discount code for use in the KLM Digital Designs store!

The Project:

I manipulated this digital stamp, Sunflower Coffee Cup, which originally is just the two-stacked cups. I duplicated and flipped the image to create a grid of cups to color. Loving any opportunity to 'color the rainbow', I knew I had enough cups to do so here. I wasn't sure what sentiment I wanted to use, so I turned to my handy-dandy 'Quotespiration' book.

It's nothing glamourous-I have more important tasks at hand! But it sits at my desk ready when I need it! Whenever I get cards-and I think-I love that saying! I am quick to jot it down. A few years back, I was reading a book where the author had funny internet memes and t-shirt sayings at the start of each new chapter. They were so hilarious, I could instantly see a card being made to fit the sentiment, that I went back and wrote each chapter's saying in my book!

I jot-down sayings on post-it notes, or sometimes a slip of paper, until I can make it more permanent. The last few pages in the back I have dedicated to puns! Because who doesn't love a good pun? Their pun! (wink-wink).

So hidden away in my treasure-trove of words I came across the beautiful and insightful words of one of my favorite Sci-Fi authors: Ray Bradbury! Yes, I know he has written in many other modes, but I love him most for both his Science Fiction and Fantasy writings. This quote of his slipped in beautifully among my rainbow of cups:

"We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out".

After die-cutting out my image, I attached it to a stitched-die cut piece of black cardstock with yellow brads. (I love when I can use scrapbooking embellishments on my cards!) and then popped that panel up with foam tape. The black cardstock felt stark against my card front, so I added more rainbow color with a piece of design paper.

This image was colored with Copics. I adjusted the exposure of the lines to gray-scale, so once printed I can achieve the no-line look. I edged each cup in a darker shade than what I filled it in with, here is the list of my colors used:


Pink: R81; R85

Red: R37; R35

Orange: YR07; YR04

Yellow: Y17; Y15; Y02

Green: YG17; YG13

Blue: B29; B24; B23; B21

Indigo: B37; B39; B97

Violet: B23; V05; V06

Sunflowers: E23; E29; Y08; Y18; Y11; YG63

Thanks for following, I hope that creating (whatever that looks like for you) is a way you can let your beauty out and into the world-it needs it!


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