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Holiday Cheers

Tia's Tips: Card masking can get tricky if you let it! All it really takes is a few moments of planning. The image you want to see first or on-top, you stamp first and mask. Then keep building... backwards. What do you want to see BEHIND that front image? Stamp it next, and yes-it will stamp onto the 1st mask. The part that stamps onto the mask, is the part of that image that will not be seen-it will be hidden by the image masked. Continue to work backwards like this-without removing any of the masks.

1st Project:

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2nd Project:

The Projects:

To start, I mask all my images and rough cut them out.

I select the image I want to appear in-front of all the others. Then I work backwards-stamping the images that will fall behind my front image. I mask them and continue working backwards.

I decided for the last two images, I wanted the martini glass to be seen behind the mini-glass and did not mask it.

I switched it up a little from my original card, but you see how the layering works!

2nd Project:

I have more than a few December and January Birthdays and thought this would be a great way to say 'Happy Birthday'. I layered 3 1/4 x 4 1/5 in. glitter papers behind my die-cut panel. I stamped the martini glass first, then my sentiment and embossed it. The sentiment set comes with several sized flowers and I liked how they balanced the sentiment and stamped/embossed them next. I finished with some bling in the center and inking up the martini glass. Fast-easy and will be making several of them!!!

It feels so great being ahead of the holiday rush and having a nice stash of Holiday cards ready to send! I hope I've helped get you into the holiday card-spirit!

Best wishes,


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