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Hello Folk Art

Tia's Tips: Folk Art: The traditional decorative or utilitarian art of the people that is often an expression of community life and is distinguished from academic or self-conscious or cosmopolitan expression. -

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Image: Hedgehog Flower

The Project:

I am a fan of Folk Art! I love the patterns, the images and colors! There was just something about our cute little hedgehog peeking from beneath a cover of flowers that screamed Folk Art to me.

My mother is a 2nd generation Swede and I am no stranger to the simplistic beauty of the Scandinavian Dala Horse pictured here.

The Dala Horse has a inspirational history and is one of the few living folk traditions of Sweden today. It was the idea of a pair of hedgehogs with bright red, blues and yellows that was the inspiration of my card.

I could have posed my hedgehogs nose to nose on a slim-line card, but struggled with the sentiment placement, so stacked them instead. I had to minimize the image to fit the slim line card and realized there was no way I was getting Copics into those little designs! I've been playing with Prismacolor Pencils more and more and this was another opportunity to do so!

I've also photographed with my card with a meal-time blessing that hangs in my kitchen. It is another example of the inspiration I had for my card! The bold beauty that I think of when I think Scandinavian Folk Art:

"In Jesus Name we go to

the table and we give thanks

to God for this food."

As Summer approaches, I am looking forward to getting outside and finding some great art & craft fairs to attend in search of more, new inspirational patterns, images and colors!

"Med goda hälsningar" and Best Wishes!


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