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Hedgehog Post

Tia's Tips: You just picked up the cutest stamp or digi-stamp, but BEFORE you start coloring ask yourself-WHAT kind of card do you want to make? Card design means making a few key decisions before you begin coloring, cutting or die cutting anything. Now is the time before you being your project to ask yourself what is it that you want your art to say.

Sponsor: Di's Digi Stamps:

Design Team: Passionate Paper Creations and Friends by Rhea:

The Project:

Seriously-you CAN save time by picking out your design paper FIRST. I too used to have fun grabbing random Copic colors and then WASTE time digging through my design/pattern paper searching for paper to match what I colored. Now, I know we all have gobs of paper that we can sift through and maybe it doesn't feel like you're wasting time but you're also not really making a design plan if your waiting until AFTER you've colored your image to figure out all of your card elements.

I've also found that if you start with a colorless image and then choose the papers that you're excited to work with-maybe it's new paper you've just bought or a certain theme paper you want to work with. It's easier to start with the paper and stamp and then coordinate them together with your markers. If you're in a crafting rut, this is also a great way to force yourself back into a groove by working with what already excites you!

For this card I knew that the "post" my hedgehogs would be sending would be a birthday card. I wanted high energy and vibrant colors, the flowers in the stamp made me think more of a "Spring" feeling card. I had recently picked up a few new sheets of patterned paper (darn those sales at JoAnn's!) and was excited to use this bright rainbow lattice design paper.

Since I'm working with a digital image, I tend to print out several different sizes and then decide my card shape/size. I liked the idea of a post-stamp die and selected the size to fit my printout. I played with an A4 and A6 sized cards. I have several dies from The PaperCut, that are card making dies:

I selected the Triple Square die, it would fit my image and allow sentiments on the front of the card as well. I punched out the square birthday sentiment and then decided I wanted to keep with this postage theme and made additional 'envelopes' in the other boxes, but seriously so many options (flowers, balloons, gifts-etc.).

Now I was ready to pick my Copics! I looked to my design paper to matchup my colors- I pick most of my markers ahead of coloring. Checking my Hex chart both before and during, I add, subtract and change colors. Then keep my selection in a bowl to work with and keep track for labeling what I used afterwards.


Sky: BG0000; B00; B01

Mailbox/Post: C2; C3; C5; E42; E43; E44; E47; RV55

Hedgehogs: E31; E41; E51; E74; E77

Flowers: B60; B63; B66; G40; G43; G46

Ground: YG01; YG02

Envelope: RV00; RV10; RV55

Present:Y04; YR02

Slow down, take a moment to plan out/design your card and you will be happier with the results in the long run. Enjoy your crafty time!


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