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Easy Butterfly Bookmarks

Tia's Tips: Bookmarks are fun, fast and a beautiful way to create a creative gift. They can be easily tailored to the colors, interest and activities of their recipient. They're practical and again are a wonderful way to say to someone-"Hey, I was thinking of you when I made this."


I guess I've had butterflies on the brain lately (LOL). So when I was getting my DT design ready I naturally gravitated towards the butterfly in the 'You Fill My day' set. I love all the intricacies of this digital image-really of all the images in the set!

The idea to create bookmarks was easy. I love to read, but so does my son, my mom and my best friend. In fact my bestie had recently requested some bookmarks from me and I knew she would love this beautiful butterfly.


In my digital software I created two layouts. First I knew I wanted to feature the butterfly with a quote and already had one ready from my personal notebook of 'quote-spirations'. In my editing software I created a text box and typed in the quote under the focal image. I wanted the butterfly to peek-out from the book not the entire bookmarker. To achieve this I used a ruler to mark both sides under the wings and the followed the lines with a kraft-knife. I used scissors to fussy-cut around the butterfly.

On the same sheet of paper, I manipulated the image by duplicating it and twisting each butterfly working from large to small. Doing this ensured I'd have the perfect size for a bookmark.

I trimmed my images before coloring so they would be easier to handle. I left a large boarder around the chain of butterflies, it helped to make them stand-out, but also gave the bookmark added stability. I wanted to ensure that the butterfly-chain bookmark was sturdy, so I glued it to two pieces of thick black cardstock and once again fussy cut around it.


My favorite part-marker selection! Since I wasn't trying to match my image to any design papers, I really got to run free in my selections. I thought it would be fun to use the rainbow on the butterfly chain. Because purple is my favorite color I decided to work backwards. I also chose to repeat a color in each butterfly in a type of ombre-effect.

Top to Bottom:

BV000; BV01; BV02; BV13 and B24; B14; B12; B2; BG01

B24; B14; B12; B2; BG01 and Go5; G14; YG06; YG01

Go5; G14; YG06; YG01 and Y15; Y13; Y11

Y15; Y13; Y11 and YR07; YR04; YR12

YR07; YR04; YR12 and R08; R14; R22

For the butterfly-quote bookmark I decided to go with pink,

and like the look of pink and green together.

RV13; RVo2; RV10 and Go5; G14; YG06

I finished both bookmarks with clear Wink Of Stella because butterflies deserve glitter!

Thanks for following along, until next time-Get Crafty!


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