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Coffee Monsters

Tia's Tips: "Never give up, never surrender."

-Commander Jason Nesmith aka Tim Allen from the movie Galaxy Quest (1999)

Keep reading to fully understand this 'tip'!

Sponsor: Artful Angel- (Copics & Crafts-Online Store)

Image & Sentiments: Coffee Monster by Gerda Steiner Designs

Hello, Artful Angel FANS! Yes, it is true, there is something special going on over at the Passionate Paper Creations & Friends FB group. We can't share what, but I can give you a hint, special prices. Come join and get the sales code.

The Project:

First off, you have to understand-I am a coffee drinker! I have been drinking coffee since I was... easily 7. Now, hold off with the gasps. My grandmother would only put a few drops in my milk! But really, it was the aroma of that giant percolator that got me begging for a cup of my own. It is still my favorite way to wake up! Needless to say, while perusing through the Artful Angel store, my eye quickly found Gerda Steiner's adorable Coffee Monster set and I knew I would have a million uses for it!

I debated on which monster to use for my design team project and in the end decided upon using ALL of them! I opted for 4-smaller notecards that I could easily put on a co-worker's desk, or slip in the mail with a Starbuck's gift card to say "I'm thinking of you & coffee!".

Now, I'm not going to list my Copic colors this time, because I really kept the colors simple-EXCEPT for this red monster! I started out straight forward-R22; R14; R05. In person, these colors weren't bad. They blended easily and were the bright red I was looking for. But then I took a photo-and all the blending was washed away! All my shadows and any kind of dimension I had were lost!

"Never give up, never surrender", just when I thought "oh-well", the illustrious founder of our design team Rhea Weigand, posted to the Passionate Paper Creations and Friends facebook page her new Color Cards!

I immediately pulled my card out and added the R56 and R59 and knew I was saved!

This is the beauty of alcohol ink markers. You can come back and keep adding, keep blending, keep working your image until you are happy!

And if you're not sure what color blends, keep playing with them! Get on-line to Pintrest, Instagram and Facebook (groups like ours!) and play with the color combos you see. I plan to follow along with Rhea and the Color Cards she will be putting out, because I can only keep learning this craft and keep getting better!


If you stayed until the end-THANK YOU for following along! Please sign up for more of my tips and go treat yourself to a coffee. (okay-I like tea too!) -Tia

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