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Under The Sea

Tia's Tips: "A failure is not always a mistake, it may simply be the best one can do under the circumstances. The real mistake is to stop trying." -B.F. Skinner

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I am fortunate that the space I create in is our family office. My husband, son and I each have a desk in the room, mine faces my son, so we often have conversations when I'm creating (or listen to shared music). We are all fans of Sci-Fi, so as I began this project, I questioned what color I wanted the mermaid's skin to be. My son to the rescue immediately stated to me-"she's aquatic, her skin should be blue or green." I decided for a look resembling the beautiful trout recently seen on our vacation.

The scariest part of the project came at the end when I colored in the sea. I used similar nib strokes like I use when coloring sky, but knew that if she was underwater-some of those strokes would need to pass over her! I wasn't very brave (first time & all), the lines are faint and can mostly be seen through her hair. I tried! Not a success-not a failure, an experiment that I will continue to pursue and perfect!

The bubbles are a technique learned from Jennifer Dove's Copic Boot Camp. The digi stamp already had bubbles drawn. I used my colorless blender and held it inside of each bubble for 3-seconds, to remove any inside color. Then, I used a darker sea color (BG53) on the outside of one side. Then a (T4) inside of the bubble and a white gellyroll pen dot to break the line. Bubbles!

I hope that you have a support system when creating that you can bounce ideas and thoughts off of. Let the friends at Passionate Paper Creations & Friends be one of those support systems and join our Facebook group today!


Skin: G40; G21; YG61

Tail/Fins: YG17; YG03; YG01; RV23; R20

Top: Y02; Y15; YR23;

Hair: R21; R22; R43; R89

Seahorse: G46; G43; G40

Earrings: Y35; E43

Lips: R22

Clam: W2; W4; E40; G21; G43

Sea: BG000; BG10; BG11

You can also find me on Instagram at: #rockymntcraftia. I'd love to hear from you! I wish you a creative day!


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